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Clark Drone Films
  Based in Exeter, Devon. Specialising in FPV  

FPV Drones are a modern,  exciting way to get incredible visuals in all corners of the video production world. The ability to custom-build lets us create a configuration to fit the job. Ultra-light drones are used for safe flying indoors to create virtual tours of unique spaces. Larger drones can be built out to reach speeds of 70mph, perfect for dynamic filming of vehicles on land or sea.


FPV Drone Devon

Showcase your business's unique space to your prospects with an equally unique video.


Video content is an essential asset to any business in 2022 -but every business has a standard video these days. Use a refreshing, immersive, engaging video to showcase your brand as never seen before - generating organic interest and increasing your customer base, whatever the industry.

Stand out from the non-descript 


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How it works:


  • Choose whether or not to include people in your flythrough - members of staff, customers and more can be choreographed with a detailed flight plan resulting in a more dynamic, relatable final video. You'll be responsible for organising getting these people to the venue  (e.g announcement on social media, or get some friends over for a favour. It's up to you.)

  • Get in touch and tell me your ideas, location, purpose. I'll provide a quote promptly with some optional extras.

  • If you're local to Exeter; a pre-shoot meet may be organised to get a feel for the location and space.

  • Make sure to tidy up your space and get it looking how you want your business/brand to be portrayed in the final video. 

  • Once some initial ideas and flight paths have been put together, it's time to fly.

  • Flying can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the obvious stuff - size of the space, time for planning, choreographing actors. Flying time can be affected by the weather too - waiting for the sun to come out, or waiting for wind to drop for exterior shots

  • The drones we use may be small, but they still emit a loud high-pitched noise. It's best to tell any neighbouring businesses or people in advance and to plan to either close your businesses to any unaware customers or fly outside of opening hours.




  • After editing is complete, you'll be sent a link to view the video. I offer 3 revisions to the edit free of charge (excluding track change)​ to ensure the video comes out just how you envisioned.

  • After that, the final video and any add-ons are ready to show to the world!

  • Once the footage has been filmed, it's over to the editing station. A final video can be turned around within 1 week.

  • Editing includes:

Music - either of your own choice or selected from copyright-free library MusicVine

Colour-grade, soundFX and simple graphics (eg. logos, slogans)

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